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Rustenburg Royal House

Design and installation of air-conditioning and Cold room system,
to meet designed air-flow and meet room-by-room calculated heating and cooling loads.

Project Description

We were tasked with designing of a high quality end-design of an air-conditioning and cooling system (HVAC System) that will provide proper designed air-flow, meet room-to-room calculated heating and cooling loads.

The equipment and ducts were installed according to the design of the building and a procedure from the manufacturer's specifications. Quality assurance was done to make sure the system does not leak and the timer programming to match the design. the system had to be charged appropriately and verify charge with the evaporator superheat method or sub cooling method (or substantially equivalent).

We further tested the system to ensure that it performs properly by determining (1) proper air handler fan flow and proper plenum static pressures, or (2) proper room and return air flows and proper plenum static pressures. The tests were designed to determine correct room-by-room air flows, if total supply is as per design and that total return = total supply. Ducts, plenum, and air handler tightness were also tested with static pressure set correctly.

Year Creation : 2013
Client's Name : Rustenburg Royal House
Industry :
Our Contribution : Design & installation of Air Conditioning/Cold room System
Completion Time :


This is what the client said:

The project has to be undertaken with stringent and tight deadlines.

We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and the manner in which Simrens approached the project and the smooth hand-over process.

Rustenburg Royal House