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Mamelodi Hospital

Servicing & installation of Refrigerators and Cold Rooms,

Project Description

Refrigerators and freezers monitoring, alarming, and reporting solutions reduce the risk of loss in revenue and regulatory non-compliance for your life science environments and critical cold storage applications.

The distribution box had to be stripped complete, rewired, reprogrammed and reconfigured. The Digital and Analogue tests were conducted to synchronize the system and it worked without any problems.

Understanding cold room repair means bringing the cold room to a correct working condition with performance as the original factory condition. We repair mechanical or electrical failures provide with a comprehensive servicing guide and install gas. We will always meet expectations of our customers in terms of high professionalism in carrying out repairs of commercial fridge and freezers for industrial applications.

Year Creation : 2013
Client's Name : Amanzi Engineering
Industry : Mamelodi Hospital
Our Contribution : Servicing & installation of Refrigerators and Cold Rooms
Completion Time : 8 Weeks


This is what the client said:

We are pleased that our refrigerators and cold rooms are operating at optimal levels keeping perishables in fresh conditions.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Simrens Engineering, we no longer discard any perishables due to poor maintained temperatures in our cold rooms. You guys are great!

Amanzi Engineering & Mamelodi Hospital Management