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Engineering Questions (3)

What is Metallurgical Engineering?
Metallurgical Engineers transform metals into products useful for society. Metallurgists are constantly thinking of new ways to minimize waste, maximize energy efficiency, increase performance and facilitate recycling.
What is Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves, including the human body, a very complex machine. Mechanical engineers learn about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing to realize/understand mechanical systems.
What is Electrical Engineering?
Electrical engineering is concerned with the basic forms of energy that run our world. Whether it's gas, hydro, turbine, fuel cell, solar, geothermal, or wind energy, electrical engineers deal with distributing these energies from their sources to our homes, factories, offices, hospitals, and schools. Electrical engineering also involves the exciting field of electronics and information technology. Do you have a cellular phone or a computer? Wireless communication and the Internet are just a few areas electrical engineering has helped flourish, by developing better phones, more powerful computers, and high-speed modems. As we enter the 21st century, the technology that surrounds us will continue to expand and electrical engineers are leading the way.

Simrens Engineering (5)

How can I contact you?
Cell Phones: Erens Tshepo Radebe 087-575.4111
Fax #: Erens Tshepo Radebe 086-455.1738
Email Addresses:
What does Simrens Engineering do?
Simrens Engineering provides project management consulting services, engineering solutions that deliver long lasting results for private industry, public entities and government organizations.
Is Simrens Engineering a public or private company?
Simrens Engineering is privately owned, 100% black owned company by qualified and experienced engineers.
What markets does Simrens Engineering serve?
Simrens Engineering serves a variety of markets from private, governmental and institutional entities with specific focus on air-conditioning/ refrigeration, metallurgical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering.
What is Simrens Engineering's mission?
Simrens Engineering mission is to enable people, businesses, governments institutions and private sectors to fully enjoy safe, innovative and cost effective engineering solutions.

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